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Our food processing equipment are ideal for preparing, separating and further processing, a wide variety of foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and confectionary.

From standard plant systems to customized solutions, our Team is equipped to meet optimum hygiene and quality standards, while operating efficiently and sustainably. Our technical expertise is complemented by project management, planning and cost control services to help our customers achieve flexible and cost-effective food production.

  • Beverage preparation and storage tanks.
  • Jacketed tanks for beverage processing.
  • Beverage pasteurization and sterilization, modules integrating filters, homogenizers, auto standardization and deaeration.
  • Mixing equipment and modules for blending sugars, pectin and other ingredients.
  • Integrating Raw fruit handling. pulp extraction, processing and handling systems.
  • CIP and SIP systems.
  • Beverage automation modules.