Customised cheese lines

cheese linesPROCESSING

We execute complete turnkey solutions on cheeses, comprising:

  • Milk pre treatment and processing
  • Coagulation, maturing, pressing, moulding, block forming, brining and chilling, block treatment, cutting, shredding and packing
  • Intermediate storages and processing for incubation, blast cooling and final cold stores/deepfreezes
  • Whey extraction, collection and pre processing for customised end usage of whey
  • Supporting utility generation and distributions system for refrigeration, steam raising, water treatment, substation and so on

We collaborate with Tecnical Tecnologia Aplicada SL, Spain, which has several decades of experience in offering customised solutions for all types of cheeses around the world.

We source microperforated moulds from Mecanizados Busqui SL, Spain, which provides us validated moulding solutions including cleaning and mould handling.

We have experience of manufacturing complete PLC operated cheese lines including cheese vats, drain tables, whey strainers and cheese presses.

Together with our collaborators Tecnical and Busqui we provide complete one-stop solutions for manufacturing and packing lines for:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Paneer & chhanna
  • Mozzarella & pizza cheese
  • Gouda, Emmental & Edam cheeses
  • Halloumi cheese
  • Processed cheese & its variants
  • Whey handling & treatment lines

Whey by-product processing

Propositions on treatment of whey and use in other products are also our forte.


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