Dairy Equipment & Modules

Equipment & modulesDairy EQUIPMENT

Storage silos & tankages

For storage of milk and other liquid dairy products.
Complete draining, inplace cleanable, custom-made and standard design storage tankages and silos up to 150,000 litre capacity are available.

  • In horizontal and vertical configurations
  • In indoor design and outdoor construction with alcoves
  • Flat and conical bottom design, leg mounted, bottom structure supported based on application
  • Single walled uninsulated and double walled insulated types
  • With and without vertrtical and side mounted agitators
  • Product contact parts and outser shell in SS304, SS 316 or SS 316L construction as required
  • With standard accessories like manhole, airvent, nozzles for instrumentation, fixed/rotary sprayball
  • Optional accessories like outer cleaning ring with water spray arrangement, cleaning accessories like cleaning turbine, top bird proofing shroud, jumbo display of contents a per requirement, etc.
  • Design available with required controls on timer based intermittent agitation, agitatator level protection , variable speed, etc.

Processing modules for liquid dairy products

For heat treatment, holding including thermisation, pasteurisation, cooling of milk, cream, process water, other liquid dairy products like buttermilk, whey, lassi, etc. as per requirement. Standard design is based on plate heat exchangers but tubular design can be offerred if required.

For capacities up to 50,000 LPH and above.

  • Comprising multisection regenerative plate heat exchanger with snap in gaskets in sanitary construction
  • Incorporating ample to advanced design centrifugal clarifiers, bacteria clarifiers of reputed make
  • Incorporating simple to advanced cream separators with or without auto / manual standardisation units of reputed make
    Own manufactured deodourisation module to remove false odour with or without water removal option
  • Incorporating single- or two-stage homogenisation either in partial homogenisation mode or full stream homogenisation mode
  • Tubular holding setups for holding times up to 10 minutes or more to meet functionalities of process for market milk and cultured milk processing
  • With standard accessories like IO panel/instrumentation and control panel, tubular hot water generation unit, skid mounted duly piped and wired to terminal points
  • With optional like booster pump, own CIP arrangement, differential pressure set up to guard against mixing, flow diversion on chilling side, etc.

Coagulation vats for cheeses & paneer

In-house built coagulation and curd processing vats to manufacture cheddar cheese, mozarella cheese, paneer and other cheese variants of capacity up to 10 KL to include jacketed / insulated and tailor configurated vats equipped with multi section dimpled jackets, single and twin agitators for mixing, stirring and cutting curd before transfer, whey drainage facility at various levels, manway, appropriate sight and light glass assembly and cleaning accessories, endfittings and valves, nozzles for various instruments like level switches, level and temperature transmitters, programmed SCADA and PLC arrangement. Appropriate curd transfer from custom designed outlets ensuring total drainage and gentle transfer of processed curd downstream to desired state is provided


Cheese hoops & modules

  • In-house manufactured, hoops in SS 304 /316 construction of proven design to ensure right shape and texture after pressing are provided to custom design. Customisation to process requirement and available pressing equipment is done to appropriate needs
  • Imported non-metallic specially injection moulded one piece microperforated PPE moulds in standard sizes are available with us The micro perforations are specially impregnated to proven design for paneer manufacturing. ABC Process advocates using microperforated PPE moulds to secure perfect shape and finish to paneer and cheese blocks when compared to SS hoops. Our solutions are complete with mould cleaning and associated pressing solutions. We also undertake modifications in existing pressing columns to adapt to PPE moulds

Cheese & paneer pressing modules

In-house manufactured, multi-column pressing modules built to proven design for right pressing to secure required shape, texture, finish and moisture content.

  • The presses are built in strong structure made out of SS 304 construction and provided with PLC programmed progressive pressing achieved through pneumatic cylinders, The pattern and rate of pressing can be programmed through each column and recipes set to requirement
  • The presses can be buit up to 8 SS hoop pressing in one column. For micro perforated hoops single mould pressing is preferred although systems can be designed and executed up to three moulds pressed under one column
  • The PLC can be SCADA communicative. The pressing column orientation can be tailor-made to suit layout requirements. Presses are available for feeding and discharge from the same side as well as feeding from one side and discharge from opposite sides
  • Mechanically operated lid placement and removal devices are available in proven design in standard design with infeed and outfeed conveyors. The opening and placement operation can be optionally synhronised to automation requirements in a fully automated paneer manufacturing installation

Cheese & paneer cutting equipment

In-house manufactured, cheese and paneer cutting and dicing equipment are available in proven design for capacities up to 300 kg/hr.

  • Multi-head designs can be configured to achieve higher throughput matching to upstream / down stream line
  • Ultrasonic versions in cutting and PLC programmed cutting versions are available through our principals. Lines can be fully automated to cut to required sizes yet keeping the cutting losses to minimum in a totally automated installations

Jacketed tanks and vessels

For processing and storage of cream, ice cream mix, molten butter, ghee, chocolate, etc.

  • Complete draining, inplace cleanable, custom made and standard design jacketed storage and process vessels up to 60,000 litre capacity are available
  • In vertical indoor design and outdoor construction with alcoves
  • Flat, conical bottom design, hemispherical or required bottom leg mounted/ platform supported based on application
  • Single walled uninsulated, double walled insulated, tripple walled jacketed types
  • With scrapper type or custom designed agitators
  • Product contact parts and outer shell in SS304, SS 316 or SS 316L construction as required
  • With standard accessories like halfsplit cover, manhole, airvent, nozzles for instrumentation, fixed/rotary sprayball
  • Optional accessories like cleaning accessories, cleaning turbine, jumbo display of contents a per requirement, etc.
  • Design available with required controls on timer based intermittent agitation, agitator level protection , variable speed, etc.

Mixing & blending modules

For mixing and blending of solid ingredients in water, milk or other liquid dairy products to prepare reconstituted milk, milk blends, sugar syrup, ice cream mixes, etc. as required for various product formulations.

  • In-house manufactured static mixers and turbo blenders up to solids ingredient throughput of 3 tons per hour for mixing and blending
  • Also integrate outsourced blenders and mixers in the procesing setup to meet the functional requirement
  • Standard modules with one, two or more preparation tanks, duly piped with blender and accessories like circulation, transfer pumps, strainers, online heaters, PLC controlled units with customised batching solutions
  • Sugar syrup modules with jet mixing, syrup preparation and syrup refining solutions based on filter presses, activated carbon filters, syrup cooling and storage with simple to advanced automation

Curd drain table

In-house manufactured, appropriated to upstream equipment in capacity to meet the functionalites of process for cheddaring, maturation of curd with whey, whey drainage, curd milling and for salting is in-house manufactured.

The drain tables are jacketed vessels with linearly traversing agitator for controlled movement, with well designed circulation system for contolled temperature operation.

Curd milling & paneer mincing / shredding

In-house manufactured, self standing curd milling equipment to ensure right salt mixing for capacities up to 500 kg/hr are proven and included in our plant modules.
Paneer shredders and mincers of capacity up to 200 kg/hr are manufactured to customer needs to recycle waste paneer blocks and dices. The mincers are also designed to produce shreds when required.


Butter equipment & modules

Equipment and modules to convert aged cream into various butter variants, processing of butter into molten butter for ghee making, filling butter into cartons and converting butter blocks to worked butter and subsequent processing are an important part of the company’s supply and dairy industry service.

Working up to a capacity up to 5 ton per hour and more, the equipment and modules include:

  • Aged cream temperature correction system for feed to continuous butter manufacturing systems
  • Batch type churns up to 10 kl barrel capacity and integrating third party supplies of CBMM
  • Butter transfer and pumping systems including butter trolleys both static and motorised, end packing into butter block filling systems
  • Shredding of butter blocks and converting to worked up butter for ghee making via batch type to continuous butter melting systems

On line washers

Equipment and modules are available to customised design to wash and clean hoops, trays, crates, PPE moulds based on the cleaning requirements and dimensions and shape of the object to be cleaned.

The capacities are available up to 2000 pieces per hour and more. The design can be made suiting to upstream and downstream requirements.

The proven designs include:

  • High pressure crate washers for milk crates up to 600 crates per hour where principal cleaning is achieved through impingement of high pressure water jet. It could be cold or hot cleaning as per requirement. Normally, periodical soaking of each crate in detergent solution is recommended to ensure satisfactory cleaning.
  • On straight through crate washers – single lane and double lane with prewash, rinsing, caustic, after rinse section with controlled temperature and detergent concentration. Designs are focused on energy and water saving.
  • Microperforated moulds cleaning is available both through static soaking and in online multistep washing similar to the design of a crate washer. Proven designs are used on detergent concentration, pressures and cleaning within safe temperature range for extended life of moulds.