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Storage silos & tankages

For storage of milk and other liquid dairy products.
Complete draining, inplace cleanable, custom-made and standard design storage tankages and silos up to 150,000 litre capacity are available.

  • In horizontal and vertical configurations
  • In indoor design and outdoor construction with alcoves
  • Flat and conical bottom design, leg mounted, bottom structure supported based on application
  • Single walled uninsulated and double walled insulated types
  • With and without vertrtical and side mounted agitators
  • Product contact parts and outser shell in SS304, SS 316 or SS 316L construction as required
  • With standard accessories like manhole, airvent, nozzles for instrumentation, fixed/rotary sprayball
  • Optional accessories like outer cleaning ring with water spray arrangement, cleaning accessories like cleaning turbine, top bird proofing shroud, jumbo display of contents a per requirement, etc.
  • Design available with required controls on timer based intermittent agitation, agitatator level protection , variable speed, etc.