Ice-cream & frozen dessert lines

ProcessingIce cream & frozen dessert line PROCESSING

Having setup several automated large scale ice cream manufacturing and packing installations, ABC has now the expertise to provide onestop end to end solution for your needs, covering:

Mix preparation & processing

  • Automated mix preparation lines including pasteurisation and homogenization
  • Ice-cream mix aging, flavour blending, preparation of syrups, ripple material, etc.

Ice cream freezing and ingredient blending

  • Incorporating ice-cream freezers of capacity up to 2000 litre/hour with a stand-alone refrigeration unit or integrating it with centralised ammonia systems
  • Online dozing of dry and wet ingredients including fruits and nuts, ripple systems

Cup, cone & filling line

  • Incorporating ice cream cup filling, cone filling and bulk filling lines including hardening tunnels and secondary / tertiary packing systems

Stick & extrusion line

  • Incorporating ice cream stick lines & extrusion lines

We can incorporate total utilities including supporting refrigeration plant, steam boilers, water treatment and effluent treatment. We have experience to incorporate automation, digitalisation and integration with third party equipment to put up a comprehensive and customised solution. Frozen desserts including incubated products is also covered in our processing systems.


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