Liquid milk product lines

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With most of the equipment manufactured inhouse and experience of designing and setting up manual to completely automated multi- product dairy installations covering market milk, butter, ghee, cultured dairy products like curd, buttermilk, you can trust ABC for end to end solutions in following segments.

Market milk pouches

  • Customizsd modules for preparation, standardizztion, patial and full stream homogenizztion, milk deodourisation
  • Milk storage, efficient packing, lines comprising crate handling, washing, pouch packing, pick and place units for pouches in rates including robotics

Cultured liquid milk products

  • Intermediate storages, high heating and holding, homogenisation and processing for incubation, blast cooling and final cold stores / deep freezes
  • Configuring packing lines for packing in cups, pouches, bulk containers, secondary packaging, crate handling and washing solutions
  • Supporting utility generation and distributions system for refrigeration, steam raising, water treatment, substation and so on

White butter and ghee / anhydrous milk fat

  • White butter manufacturing (both batch type and continuous) including packing solutions
  • Continuous ghee manufacturing and packing solutions through cream, AMF and butter route
  • Process improvement in serum separation, ghee clarification, granulation and so on

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