Long shelf-life milk lines

ProcessingLong shelf-life milk linesPROCESSING

ABC can extend its project design and execution capabilities to provide end to end long shelf life milk processing and packing solutions by integrating reputed and proven process modules, covering

  • Milk preparation, preprocessing and standradisation systems indirect PHE/Tubular Sterilizer Modules
  • Aseptic and non-aseptic homogenisation options
  • Aseptic storage modules

ABC can also integrate aseptic packing solutions covering flexible pouches, rigid packing formats in cartons/PET bottles / HDPE bottles

We have inhouse expertise available to design complete UHT processing and packing systems customised to specific needs. We also have experience of working with reputed system suppliers in this advanced processing setup. Hence, we can support our customers in overall system design, layout, services on installation, integrating automation and so on.


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