Customised paneer lines

paneer linesPROCESSING

Covering Paneer manufacturing and Packing lines of all capacities up to 2 tons per hour and more incorporating customer need from manual to fully automated operations.

Our Solutions cover  

  • Milk pre-treatment and processing
  • Coagulation, pressing, moulding, demoulding, cooling, cutting, shredding and packing
  • Whey extraction, collection and pre-processing for customised end usage
  • Intermediate ancillaries like mould handling, washing, traffic management system, automation including blast cooling and final cold stores/deepfreezes
  • Supporting utility generation and distributions system for refrigeration, steam raising, water treatment, substation and so on

Tecnical Tecnologia Aplicada SL, Spain, having several decades of experience in offering customised solutions for all types of cheeses around the world team up with us to develop and execute customised solutions on Paneer.

Mecanizados Busqui SL, Spain, our source supplier for microperforated moulds also support us in configuring validated moulding solutions including cleaning and mould handling.


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